Luxury Accent Paneling

Our classic Au Bout Du Bois formula applied to your next installation.

High End Contemporary Furniture

Browse our debut collection of signature end tables, cocktail tables, and wall hangings.

Award Winning Studio.

Stay up to date on all things ABDB, including our recent trip to Italy for the A' Design Awards.

Commercial & Residential Projects 

We start with a blank canvas, together. Collaborate with us on custom colors, end grain design, and dimensions, to create the perfect space for yourself or your clients.

Recycled discs of wooden end-grain embedded in colorful resin

Our Patent Pending production process, invented by Founder Djivan Schapira, allows us to create pieces that spark holistically unique experiences for anyone in their presence.

Welcome to Our World

Step inside ABDB Studios and watch how Djivan creates our one of a kind pieces.

Blurring the line between fine art & functional furniture

Each piece by nature, a limited edition.