AU BOUT DU BOIS | at the end of the grain

award-winning multidisciplinary studio designing & handcrafting furniture & exotic surfaces for luxury interior design projects, by way of our proprietary resin technique.

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The ABDB Technique & Our Workflows.

First experimented with in the 1980's by Antoine Schapira, re-invented by Djivan Schapira in 2015, and officially patented in 2022, the ABDB Technique is the process of embedding upcycled natural elements, such as wooden end grain, in hand-dyed resin, and applying the end result to a flat or slightly curved surface. This process is extremely versatile in both it's customizability as well as it's application, and as each piece of wood is a unique cross-cut, each piece by nature, is a limited edition.

Since its launch to the public in 2018, ABDB Designs has designed, handcrafted, and delivered hundreds of pieces to clients all over the world, adding magic and life to residential as well as commercial spaces. These pieces include consoles & drawers, tables, table tops, wall hangings, lighting fixtures, accent paneling, and skateboards.

As nearly all of our projects are custom or made-to-order, we are open to creating entire works or collaborating with other makers. An example of this would be our creation of a table top paired with another's base. Our turn-key pricing model makes quoting projects easy, and traditional lead times rest between 10-12 weeks depending on the scope of work.

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