Djivan Schapira.

Djivan Schapira Headshot


Djivan Schapira is the 25-year old founder of ABDB Designs, and a 2016 graduate of the Architectural Program at Parsons School of Design. The son of an established and highly skilled maker of custom furniture, Antoine Schapira, Djivan moved from Paris to New York at the age of 6, and would become an apprentice to his father at the age of 10. What would become a 14-year apprenticeship has allowed Djivan to master the hand skills and artisanal techniques required to produce exquisite furniture far in advance of his years.

After being inspired by his father's original concept of embedding cross-cuts of end grain in resin, bringing attention to the beauty of their natural rings, Djivan had the epiphany of using the end grain discs themselves as a paint brush. This vision would lead to a two-year period of experimenting with resin and end grain, ultimately creating the patent pending process and mesmerizing ABDB pieces seen today.