About Us.

About Us

The expression, ‘Au Bout Du Bois’ for ABDB, means literally ‘the end of the wood’, the crosscut of a branch which shows the grain. This is also referred to as ‘end-grain’ or in French, ‘bois de bout’.

ABDB Designs - founded in 2016 by French-born designer Djivan Schapira and native Chicagoan Andrew James - is an award-winning studio designing & fabricating original pieces of furniture & interior décor for both commercial & residential spaces. Our creations feature our patented technique, originated by Djivan's father Antoine in 1987, of embedding cross-cuts of recycled natural end grain in custom colored resin.

Blurring the lines between art and high-end furniture, our work grabs the attention of anyone who enters the space by combining vibrant colors, natural life, and elegant design.

Our workplace, ABDB Studios, is perched high in the Palisades of New Jersey overlooking the Hudson River & New York City Skyline. All pieces are originally designed & handcrafted at ABDB Studios in Union City, New Jersey, USA.


Djivan Schapira

Co-Founder, Artist, & Designer