Tree Lined Tray

by ABDB Designs


The Tree Lined Tray is the first of its kind from ABDB Designs. 

Never one to shy away from new ideas, ABDB Designs Founder Djivan Schapira presents his take on a classic household item: the decorative tray.

Perfect for impressing guests, table decor, and a number of other imaginative purposes, the Tree Lined Tray features:

Rosewood trim, a beveled edge for lifting, and BDB's classic technique of embedded cross-cuts of end grain in custom blue resin.

Dimensions: 9.75’’W x 16.25’’L

Resin color & end-grain pattern are both customizable, we would love to work with you to create the perfect match. 

As wood is a natural compound, natural end-grain may not resemble photographs identically, making your piece one of one.

4-6 week lead time based on inventory.

Handmade by Djivan Schapira at ABDB Studios in Union City, NJ.

*Patent Pending*