The Tree Bar Opens at Sushi Samba Las Vegas

Tucked away inside the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada, Sushi Samba's new Tree Bar is open for business, featuring tables by ABDB Designs.

Designed by New York-based iCrave, the Tree Bar features Brazilian-inspired accents and, vibrant colors, and tables by ABDB Designs. 

Six custom bistro & dinner tables were created for this project, three circular dinner tables on single-cylinder bases, along with three oval bistro tables on double-cylinder bases, all featuring embedded cross-cuts of recycled wood, hand colored resin, inlayed brass wire, and high gloss finish. 

Dimensions: Circle - 42" D x 27" H. Oval - 40" L x 23" W x 27" H. 

Materials: resin, brass, recycled wood, steel. 

Sushi Samba ABDB Designs Custom Tables

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