In a Time of Pause, We Chose Time & Color for Inspiration.

When designing for ABDB Designs, Founder Djivan Schapira has never shied away from creating and leveraging vibrant colors. This time however, is different.

“We chose Sky Blue as the next coaster release during the face of a pandemic as an important reminder that the blue sky is always there. Even on cloudy days when it may seem the sun will never come again, the blue sky rests behind.” – says Schapira.

 “We are living in a time that we have never experienced before” says Co-Founder Andrew James, “The Hourglass is meant to remind people that this too shall pass, and that time will live on no matter the circumstances, so let’s be the best we can during this time.”

 The Hourglass Set is a set of 4 coasters, each with different piece(s) of end grain embedded in a hand-picked sky blue resin.

The nature of the symbolism of time is really up for personal interpretation. You can perceive it as a reminder that all bad things will soon pass, or as a symbol of remembering to appreciate the time that you have.

We hope this set brings you inspiration, curiosity, creativity, and life. Treat them as normal coasters, place them on the walls - whatever you decide - make your decision for this and every decision thereafter, a thoughtful one. Purchase your Hourglass Set here.

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Coaster Sky BlueCoaster sky blueCoaster sky blue

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