VIDEO | ABDB Designs Launches & Funds First Kickstarter Campaign

ABDB Designs Launch Video
On Tuesday, November 14th, 2017, ABDB Designs showed the world who they were by going fully live to the public, while launching a trifecta of content which included their website, kickstarter campaign, and launch video.
Within hours, the video had been shared on on facebook over 60 times and reached over 13,000 people within the first week. From there, the campaign took off, being added to Kickstarter's "Projects We Love."
There were 12 tiers of rewards offered, which included an inaugural poster, coasters, end tables, cocktail tables, and a tour of the workspace. After the 30 days were complete, there were a total of 74 individual backers with each reward tier had at least one backer, and ABDB securing 127% of their fundraising goal.different backers.

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